Teeth on My Cock

By | January 31, 2015

Hannah Shaw Giving HeadWho doesn’t like a good blow job? Well some women for a start but that doesn’t seem to bother some men. For some, probably because of porn and some men’s inability to think outside of their groin area a blow job seems to be one of their sexual goals, often even more so than penetrative sex.

Honestly I think this is an utter shame because there’s a lot more to sex than feeling that you’ve only had a good evening if your partner has gagged on your cock and choked on your gushing semen. Yes, there you see it again pornography taking over even the vernacular I’m employing to write this piece. But that was of course deliberate. Having watched a huge amount of porn both on DVD and seeing it being made I have to say that while it’s great for titillation pornography is as distant from real sex as it’s possible to be for many people most of the time.

That doesn’t mean to say that some people don’t enjoy porno-style sex some of the time especially when it comes to role play and games. Being someone else and seeing your partner act out in a similar fashion is fantastic to keep sex joyful and exciting. Yet I find myself feeling more and more that because porn is now available to young adults in a volume and variety far in excess of that which I was exposed to as a young man we are seriously at risk of destroying the sensuousness of many sexual acts including blowjobs.

You see a blowjob doesn’t have to result in orgasm for the guy, no really. Just getting your rocks off is not the ultimate aim of all sexual acts. Blowjobs can be sensuous, teasing and loving as well as theatrical, depraved, gurgling masses of saliva, semen and tears – though if you both enjoy that sort of thing then don’t let me stop you.

A dry hump, a sensually placed hand or a skilled mouth are all ways of coaxing a cock into life, especially if you’re tired, drunk a little too much or recovering from your last orgasm. Just expecting your girl to clamp her face around your cock is both presumptuous and shows a distinct lack of imagination. If your partner wants you to cum in their mouth then great but should they treat your penis to some oral delights remember they might perhaps be entitled to something in return, and no that doesn’t necessarily have to be cunnilingus.

A skilled blowjob employs the whole mouth, lips, tongue, teeth and yes if you must the throat but hammering your erect member into your partner’s face like you’re installing a new fence post is only hot and sexy if you are both in the mood for that kind of thing.

Thoughts anyone?