Suze And Susana With Sex Toys

By | October 26, 2008

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Over the years that both Alex and I have been writing for this site we have encountered all manner of “flattery” from simply taking our ideas through to actual plagiarism, where posts have been used on sites as their work with no link to AlexSuze.

One of the latest and most astounding examples of this was a site who created a whole section of their site with a batch of posts taken from here.

I suppose we should be pleased that so many out there consider us to be so good that they want to, quite frankly, rip us off.

What brought this post to mind was Alex’s latest find on Youtube, there is a Spanish sex toy store who are now creating videos very much like mine. Go take a look at mine here and we will wait for you.

Then take a look at their version here. Very similar aren’t they. Lol. It’s really nice to see someone making videos, rather than just downloading them, sticking a title page on and reloading them as their own.

BTW, if we have any Spanish speaking readers out there I would be very interested to know if the dialogue is anything like mine too. 🙂