Licking Me Better

By | February 2, 2015

George Uhl eating Lexi Lou's PussySince Alex wrote his post about cock sucking the other day I thought I should write one about cunnilingus. Seems only fair, right?

Cunnilingus is something that I enjoy receiving and where possible giving too, but that’s another post altogether 😉 The problem is that not every partner you have is into licking pussy, fortunately for me that’s been rare. Aren’t I a lucky girl?

Just because you have a willing partner between your legs doesn’t mean the earth will move for you. In fact sometimes getting oral pleasure from your partner barely raises a smile. Here’s a tip for everyone with a female lover – we like attentiveness, listen to what we want and remember all us girls are not the same.

The usual joke about a man going down on a woman is that they can’t find the clitoris with a map and a full set of directions but I think that’s only a tiny portion of the story. In the search for the clitoris I think lots of men forget about the rest of the vulva. It’s a fascinating structure and I would advise all lovers to explore it with their partner as part of foreplay, I can’t imagine a more fun way to learn about female anatomy.

I’ll explain why I say this in terms of my experience and preferences because everybody is different in terms of the shape of their vulva and what gets their motor running. It also depends what mood I’m in as to whether I like licking, sucking, biting or probing.

OK, so a good lick of the clitoris is marvellous and will have me shaking all over although even Alex the partner who has been with me the longest hasn’t quite given me a clitoral orgasm with his tongue. His muscular tongue often has me teetering on the edge of blissful oblivion but frustratingly for us both never manages it 🙁 Licking, swirling, lapping and a gentle nibble all work on my clit especially when they are mixed together in a naughty cocktail of oral attention.

I like the feeling of a tongue lapping my lips too. First outside with long, slow motions that get more and more insistent until the tongue penetrates my outer lips (Labia Majora) and reaches the delicate and sensitive inner lips (Labia Minora) tucked away inside. By then I’m wet with his saliva and my own juices so it’s slick and flavoursome down there, pure essence of sex.

At this point Alex might start probing me with his tongue and dipping into the deep well of my vagina. It strains his tongue’s frenulum but that doesn’t seem to prevent him from trying to push his tongue as deep inside me as he can. I can’t imagine why the dirty, dirty boy!

Like I said earlier which of these different aspects of cunnilingus I enjoy depends upon my mood at the time so it’s essential that my lover responds to my body’s reaction to their actions. One day it can be sucking my labia, the next nibbling them, the next a full-on assault on my clit. Whatever it is I’m a very polite girl so I always say thank you nicely afterwards 😀