Sex Shop Sniffing

By | October 27, 2008

We were at the local sex shop today. Yes I know, just for a change!

On the counter was a display of Vulva Original. If you don’t know what that is I’ll explain. It’s a scent that claims to replicate the aroma of a woman’s naughty bits.

We’ve had a sniff before and weren’t entirely convinced it was accurate in its reproduction of the female bouquet. At the time we both pondered if it was because the vial we tried had been opened and under the hot halogen lights of the shop.

That aside I decided to ask the two ladies behind the counter who actually buys Vulva Original. The answer was that it was purchased by a variety of their clientele from people who though it was a bit of a laugh to those who “buy it with DVDs”. Presumably the latter group sample the fragrance while enjoying the DVDs?


So, with that in mind I decided to contact the suppliers of Vulva and ask them for a sample. We’ll see what happens.

And BTW if you are reading this and a rather over-confident guy in a green fleece started asking odd questions about your stock today – that was me :o)

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