“This Morning” Bondage Shocker

By | February 4, 2015

Shay HendrixWell, the FSOG bandwagon is approaching full speed isn’t it. Even ITV’s “This Morning” woke everyone up by featuring a “Beginner’s Guide to Bondage” and immediately providing the doltish “journalists” the Daily Mail with something to get irate about.

I have no reservations in linking to the Daily Fail because everyone else is and it’s not like a link from here is suddenly going to propel an unkown bunch of dull and indolent writers lacking in imagination into the public eye. So here’s the “shocking” story.

Now, I can’t say if the feature was “Tawdry” as described by the mail because that’s a matter of personal taste and TBH I don’t even watch the show as a rule as I’m not a fan of the format.

The clip on the Daily Fail’s website is only 30 seconds long so I thought I’d watch the item in context on the ITV on demand site. Sadly I think it’s been edited out of the on-demand programme! It’s on YouTube here . If I’m honest it looked more like an opportunity for product placement than anything else.

Where was the explanation of the deep sensuality and variety of sensory pleasure that bondage play amongst beginners can provide?

So let’s consider what accompanied the “Beginner’s Guide”. Alongside the discussion of benefits and befits cap was a segment on how to get the most out of your mobile phone provider when you renew your contract. So far so eclectic and uninspired, but don’t worry we were also enthralled by an item with the strapline “I bit off my sex attacker’s tongue” and a “Puppet facelift” live on the show. If you don’t know what a puppet facelift is it involves pulling barbed threads through the face of the victim, erm I mean patient under local anaesthetic.

While there is a lot of blandness in the programme there’s also a lot of stuff, including the BDSM element that may not be appropriate for a daytime show.

But don’t worry Anton Du Beke was on too so it must be a wholesome show, right?

What pisses me off is partly the Daily Fail’s usual laziness, they must have wet themselves when they saw the “Beginner’s Guide” was scheduled. But more than that I’m fed up that UK TV channels can provide this this sort of drossy TV which amounts to little more than chewing gum for the brain where serious issues like managing your money, considering cosmetic surgery, sexual assault or exploring your sexuality are featured with as much gravity as choosing a new washing detergent. In fact the only thing that annoyed me about the “Beginner’s Guide” itself was its flimsiness and unnecessary use of two half naked models. Attractive as the models were they were unnecessary for the item.