Masturbation For Relaxation

By | February 10, 2015

Samantha Bentley MasturbatingSuze and I have both been experiencing a little stress recently and because of that we’ve been looking for healthy outlets for our frustrations and anxiety. We’ve just moved into a new house so there’s plenty of scope to lose yourself in DIY and gardening particularly because the previous owners were terribly unskilled at hope improvement, rarely gardened and were a pair of lazy sods. On the upside we are uncovering a beautiful garden and the lovely home that hides under the botched DIY.

So we have scope for losing ourselves in the physical and mental challenges we face away from the stress bits that are currently stalking us. The other way to de-stress is sex. That’s fine if you’re both about at the same time, say in the evenings but busy lives mean that during the day it’s not always possible.

There is of course going solo, or to be totally direct masturbation. A few mornings back I saw Suze had woken up a little tense so I told her to lay in bed while I made her breakfast. But before I made my way downstairs to the kitchen I reached into her bedside drawer and pulled out her Womanizer Clitoral Stimulator which happens to be her current favourite and guarantees swift satisfaction every time. “What do you want me to do with that?” she asked. “Enjoy yourself.” I said.

And she did because by the time I returned with her porridge and a cuppa she was far more relaxed and wearing a devilish little smile as if she had just indulged in a guilty pleasure. Which of course she had.

The more I thought about it the more I realised that not only is masturbation for stress relief a great thing for adults but as adolescents the discovery of masturbation must have been great for my teenage angst. I know it didn’t cure it completely but it must have helped because I do remember enjoying masturbation and wondering after the first time I tried it why I hadn’t tried it before. I guess that if I hadn’t started masturbating I would simply have been an even bigger bundle of anxiety and neuroses that I actually was.

Not sure it it’s the same for girls, I’ll have to ask Suze. I assume it would have been the same for her because at that age you’re a pleasure seeker and totally self-centred in a lot of ways so anything that releases endorphins like masturbation is going to be a hit and something that you’re going to want to experience time and time again.

So remember if today is getting you stressed, give yourself the gift of an orgasm. But not at your desk unless you have a very understanding boss.