Masturbate And Get To Know Your Body

By | February 11, 2015

Young Harlot Over ChairHow are you going to know what to do in bed with your lover if you don’t know how to pleasure yourself. To me it’s obvious but the only alternative to exploring your own body’s pleasure responses is to hope that your partner is very in tune with you and willing to take the time to explore with you. Especially early in a relationship you may both have the enthusiasm but not necessarily the patience to fully investigate what makes each other tick so that could lead to disappointment for you both.

If you have however experimented with pleasuring yourself both indirectly through sensual touching and directly with genital masturbation life becomes much easier when you are with a partner. If they are rubbing you in the wrong way, not picking up on your lack of response our touching you in slightly the wrong place you can guide them easily if you know your own sexual responses. I’m not just talking about making you cum either. That’s the last bit, the ultimate aim and the climax to it all. One of the key things that men particularly need to learn is when to increase stimulation and when to take it slow. Unlike women who can to a greater or lesser extend experience multiple orgasms men have a recovery time between their orgasm and its associated ejaculation and the next one. It’s a fact of life. Assuming that they don’t become hyper-sensitive or sore through constant stimulation women get to have as many orgasms as they chose to give themselves.

Maybe that’s why some societies actively discourage masturbation as another form of sexual suppression. I mean what would the world turn in to if we all knew how to pleasure and be pleasured in the bedroom? We’d have so much fun that we’d not take notice of all the people in the world telling us what to do because we would have found and claimed another freedom LOL.

Back to male masturbation because it’s something that I’ve been acquainting myself with since I was a teenager. Masturbating without cumming is a key technique that you develop when you realise that there are only so many times you can cum. That’s partly because even the youngest and randiest guy has to recover and partly because masturbation by its nature takes place when you have the requisite privacy which at a young age tends to be when everyone else is out of the house. By masturbating and practicing what’s called edging men learn they can intensify the sensation of their eventual orgasm and feel the thrill of the build up to climax for quite a long time. If you get it right your intense, ball-clenching thrill ride can last for tens of minutes teetering on the edge of orgasm, but get it wrong and you can cum too soon. That’s disappointing enough but if you edge for a while and then start to cum but hold it back you can sometimes top the orgasm and lose your erection too. Bad times.

If any ladies have any questions about male masturbation to help improve their technique, or if they would like to comment about their own masturbation technique, as practiced on themselves or by them on their partner then please comment below or email me 🙂