Old Skool Sex Toys

By | October 27, 2008

We get asked to review a lot of sex toys. After a while we started to see the similar themes repeating themselves. You might have thought that one toy was very much like another, but just because they look the same doesn’t mean that hey perform the same way.

What you often find is that one manufacturer copies another’s ideas, expands upon them and creates something unique. That may or may not work, but it forms part of the evolution of sex toys. It’s rare that you see something really revolutionary, though it does occasionally happen.

So when Suze was asked to review the Jessica Rabbit 2.0 vibrator she was a little apprehensive because it’s a little long in the tooth. No apologies for that pun.

As it happens Suze had quite a pleasant surprise and you can read about it in her Jessica Rabbit review.