A Cheeky Finger Fuck

By | April 29, 2015

Samantha Bentley MasturbatingIt only occurred to me this evening as I lay next to Alex as he tested a new anal vibrator on himself.  And I was on my second clitoral orgasm with my fave toy that I haven’t put my finger up there in some time.

Way back it was our first foray in to the pleasures of p-spot stimulation.  I would lube up my middle finger (for no other reason than it’s the longest) and gently slip it up his back passage.  Oooh err, that sounds very Northern, like I pushed it up his genel/ginnel however you pronounce it. Lol

He would grind into me full on missionary and I’d have my legs hooked over his back and my finger would toy with his tight ring.  And he would groan in pleasure.

Halcion days indeed!

Now I have to be extremely careful just how I tease his anus because I have discovered the delights of the manicure and now wear my nails longer.  Which in turn means that inserting that “Cheeky Finger” isn’t so easy any more.  I would most probably pull out his entrails if I tried it now.  🙂

So, next time I’m sat opposite my manicurist/nail technician I will have to remind her just how much she has changed my bedroom play.

But then again, she would most probably be horrified at the thought of pushing her digit in to her loved ones ass. Lol  She can be a bit of a girl.

So Alex looses out but I do too.  Clitoral play isn’t easy with nails either.

But on the plus side, Alex does love a good dose of nails scraping down the flesh on his back.  😉