Made To Measure Masturbation

By | October 28, 2008

This post was inspired by an email I received yesterday evening. It was from a young lady asking my advice on sex toys I had tested. I’m always happy to impart my knowledge of the products I test and whenever possible offer advice.

She said she had tried the Rock Chick and found that the toy was too big for her because she was quite petite. Also that the rigid construction of the toy would not allow her the flexibility to make it fit better. When the clit stimulator was in the correct position the g-spot end would be somewhere behind her ass.

It then occurred to me that these toys are very often non-adaptable and the “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work for small ladies. I never had to worry about it being 5’7″ but I have tried the occasional toy which didn’t fit me anatomically either.

For her my advice was that she tries the G Rock which is more pliable and gives the same g-spot and clit stimulation or the We-Vibe which she can wear and share with her partner as long as they remember to use lots of lube to avoid him grazing his cock.

Perhaps the adult toy manufacturers could take in to account the different proportions girls have and make a small, medium and large in some of these double stimulation sex toys.

If we don’t openly discuss these issues then how are the toy manufacturers ever going to know that we have suggestions to improve their product lines. I’m always happy to help with advice when I can, you can find my email on the sidebar if you want to approach me privately or leave a comment on this post.