The Reasons Behind Infidelity

By | July 14, 2015

Australian BabeIn a society which encourages family values, infidelity is a subject which is often frowned upon. Yet, the TV shows, movies and soap operas we watch often have marital cheating as a central plot. Furthermore, magazines and tabloids are always looking at celebrities who have affairs out of their relationships, and there is a genuine interest by the population to read about those. That is because whilst most people will stay faithful they are still curious about the idea of doing something naughty. And when it comes to finding reasons why they would cheat, people often come with a few justifications.

People become complaisant

The main reason for people wanting to have a bit of naughty fun is that over time, they become quite complaisant in their relationships. This means that through their day-to-day routines, couples often get lost into the functional aspects of living, leaving aside the fun sides of a relationship. And when this happens, people start to be bored which in turns leads them yearning for something more.

Lack of communication

We could assume that two people living together as a couple will communicate well with each other, but the reality is that some couples drift apart and find it incredibly hard to talk about their feelings to each other. This can lead to a loss of real communication, when most talks are centred on practical aspects of life rather the emotional ones. It is this lack of emotional communication which can lead to people feeling unattended, pushing them to find happiness with someone else who they think understands them better.

Too busy for quality time

Working on a family or a relationship is hard work, which accumulated on top of people’s jobs often leaves little time for couples to enjoy themselves. Whether it is going out for a nice meal or just spending the whole morning in bed, those moments become far and few in between. It is this lack of quality time that will make people resent their relationship as they progressively start seeing it as boring.

A world of temptation

The media has a huge influence on how people behave. And whilst cheating is morally wrong, it is an act which is displayed across the world by celebrities such as actors and politicians. People get caught out and will then give a public apology, making them to be forgiven for their indiscretions. In fact, the ‘it happens to the best of us’ idea, followed by the classic ‘we’re all human’ saying often makes the act of cheating sound more common than it is. When combining their boredom with the temptations promoted by the media, some people will find enough justifications to go out looking for fun out of their relationship. The way most people will do it will be to go to dating websites such as to find like-minded partners who also are unhappy in their relationship. That way they can find someone sympathetic to their unhappiness whilst keeping the affair discreet, avoiding the involvement of people from their close circles. This probably sounds bad but if people are going to cheat, they might as well do it with the less damages as possible.