Deep Throat The Director’s Last Cut

By | October 28, 2008

Gerard DamianoGerard Damiano was once a hairdresser but came to produce some of the most well known porn films ever committed to celluloid. The 47 titles he was involved in included “The Devil in Miss Jones,” “The Satisfiers of Alpha Blue” , “Never so Deep.” And “Deep Throat” staring the legendary Linda Lovelace.

Damiano allegedly wrote Deep Throat especially for Lovelace. It was shot in only 6 days, yet has endured for decades. He put his success at directing down to being a “nice man”, which he regarded as an essential when you’re asking women to do “nasty things”.

Gerard died at the weekend after suffering complications following a stroke. The final cut by the great editor in the sky leaves the world without one of the few truly legendary names in adult film, one less recognisable personality in an increasingly amorphous industry.

Gerard Damiano 1928 – 2008