Keeping Those Boobies Warm

By | October 29, 2008

Bloody hell, what happened to the weather! Only a few days ago the sun was shining and it looked as if we were in for a bit of an Indian Summer. How wrong can you be. This morning the car was covered in frost and it made my nipples stand out like chapel hat pegs. Lol

So along with the cold snap comes the big cover up. No more skirts and t-shirts, trousers and jumpers take their place. Today I wore a red v-neck jumper and black trousers with short boots underneath.

Cold weather brings out the nipples and to counteract that I usually wear a padded bra, my little nubs can still be seen pushing through the fabric but they aren’t quite as obvious. And it helps keep you warm.

The down side to the change in the weather is that Busty has taken to wearing a large black woolly wrap in the office. This completely conceals her ample cleavage from view. She is wrapped up in what can only be described as black swaddling cloth all day. 🙁

Not very sexy. I thought the office was fairly warm today but obviously not hot enough for her. My mission this week is to find where the thermostat is secreted and turn it up. Ogling her was the only thing that got me through a stressful week at work and now I can’t even do that.

And to top the lot there is no eye candy at the greasy spoon I go to at lunchtime. The last woman or should I say bride of Wildenstein was nowhere in site this week. Instead they have a young lad who I think is the proprietor’s son. Don’t even go there…he is a little bit thick and not at all my type.

I’m getting the feeling this Winter is going to be a long one.