5 Sexual New Year’s Resolutions

By | December 31, 2015

Shay HendrixIt’s that time of year again when we all say we’re going to do things and don’t. Well in general that’s why I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, because frankly you can decide to make a positive change in your life at any point in the year. You don’t need an arbitrary date in a calendar created by humans to organise their lives around the non-congruencies of the planet’s orbit and its rotational period.

That said if you do feel the urge to make New Year’s resolutions then make ‘em good ones and stick to them. If you can benefit other’s by keeping to your resolutions then all the better. And if that “other” is your partner of course a sexual New Year’s Resolution ticks all the boxes.

1. Enjoy More Foreplay

This is something that we all forget from time to time, especially if we’re busy. Vary your foreplay, make your first physical advances to your partner in different places and situations and employ plenty of sensual techniques in the build-up to “the main event.”

Tell each other how horny you are at the supermarket, when you get home don’t wait until you’re naked to touch each other; And when you are try a bit of erotic massage to relax and stimulate each other.

2. Change How You Have Sex

Break out of your habits, when you know what each other enjoys it’s too easy to stick to that and get out of the habit of trying new things that you did earlier in the relationship. You can both be very happy with the status quo but even if you try things that don’t quite work out the variety will enliven your sex and you may even open new doors for you and your partner to explore together.

So what sort of new stuff am I talking about? Well, it can be a number of things from just trying a new position, using lube in imaginative ways, sex toys or even role play. The choice is yours and even what you try falls a bit flat adding variety is always a fun experience in itself.

3. Try Bondage and BDSM

One of the things that has been high on people’s to-do lists for several years, because of that certain book, is Bondage and BDSM. True BDSM isn’t for everyone and bondage taken to its ultimate extremes can be a bit much for most people. However there are plenty of bondage products available online for different levels of experience as well as how-to guides for the more, erm, advanced techniques

4. Try Sex In Different Locations

Remember when you first had sex, more than likely it wasn’t in bed. Even if your first experience of sex was in a conventional bedroom most of us have tried sex in different rooms in the house, outside and occasionally quite public places. I’m not suggesting exposing yourself here or having sex where you can be seen by other people – that goes against one of the fundamental rules of sex as I see it, all participants, active or passive have to consent to being part of the sexual act. What you should consider is that sex in itself doesn’t have to be horizontal, face to face and laying on a mattress. Sometimes the discomfort and awkwardness of sex elsewhere and in different orientations as it were adds to the experience.

Just think about it 😉

5. Try Masturbation

Should I have to mention this one? We’ve all done it alone and many have done it with their partner, often to their partner. If you haven’t tried any or all of the above combinations then you should and if you’ve stopped experimenting with masturbation in front of your partner or with your partner then maybe you should get back in the habit.

I hope that helps bring you a happy and indeed orgasmic New Year.

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