In With The Pink – Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug

By | February 7, 2007

PackageI was more than a little excited at the prospect of using the vibrating Butt plug with wireless remote on Alex. Just knowing that I was moments away from pushing it in to his expectant tight little anus made me wet.

We retired to bed and piled up the pillows at the end of the bed so that Alex could assume the position he knows so well lately. πŸ˜‰ I turned on the DVD so that I could watch the girlie threesome we interrupted the night before when the horniness got the better of us hehehe! My idea of heaven, Victoria Swingler, Sandra Shine and some equally hot brunette I need to look up.

In went the double dong and I was now more than ready to fuck Alex’s ass. But I had to warm him up first, get his juices flowing so that his sphincter muscles would relax, allowing me to take him.

I began by licking his anus in a circular motion, occasionally flicking in to his fleshy starfish. My tongue was now massaging his anus and my hand was firmly rubbing his peremium. I knew this was good, Alex’s feedback was very encouraging.

His ass was proudly stuck up in the air keeping his ass cheeks parted and my target clearly visible. I could feel him begin to melt under my ministrations and his cock was now pointing slightly forward instead of dragging towards the cotton base sheet.

I wanted to stop there and then and push the plug straight in to him. I needed to fuck him, my desires were animal, dirty, carnal. But I had to wait. I now started to blow gently on his anus and around his balls. He loves this and I’m sure I saw his cock twitch as I blew warm air against his perenium.

His cock was visibly hardening by the moment and I took a firm grip of the base pulling back his foreskin. As I did so a drop of pre-cum soiled the sheet under him. It was becoming harder for me to hold back. I was now massaging his anus with my middle finger and gently working my finger just inside, enough to tease him. Alex sighed and relinquished his power to me.

The tub of lube was within reach on the bedside table with the top already off. That’s me, preparation is my speciality. πŸ™‚ The last thing you need to be doing during anal play is to be reaching for things whilst you have your finger up someone’s arse. Lol

I spread a generous amount on to the tip and around the sides of the plug, wiped my finger on a piece of tissue (prepared before hand) and we were ready to go. Alex’s sphincter was now relaxed, as relaxed as it gets. He is still tight and I may need to work on that for the next step in our anal play, the strap-on. But plenty of training is required first.

His ring was now pouting at me and just begging to be entered. I ran the tip of the butt plug around his puckered ring and then began to push the tip inside him. As the end entered his anus, Alex sighed and sank a little in to the bed. Gently I pushed a little more of the length in to him, feeling and sensing his muscles giving as I went. This part should not be hurried so no pain is inflicted, the muscles must be allowed to relax before pushing deeper.

The plug was halfway in now and the prospect of flicking that switch and watching Alex’s face as the vibrations rippled through his colon was ever closer. With a gentle push and he devoured the last of the plug, leaving the hilt containing the batteries sitting proudly between his cheeks.

I had been paying so much attention to being careful not to hurt him that I hadn’t noticed just how hard he now was. His cock was bouncing freely in the air almost parallel to his body, his balls tight up against the base of his erection.

In fact I hadn’t noticed that the girls were fucking the double dong for all it was worth on the television. I made a mental note to watch it again later, maybe on my own whilst frigging myself. For now the action was in my hands. πŸ˜‰

I flipped the switch over to the “On” position and reached over to my bedside table for the remote. My hands were almost trembling with anticipation as I pointed it directly at the pink plug protruding out of Alex’s ass. “Click”…and the faintest of vibrations could be heard emanating from between his ass cheeks.

“Jesus!”, he exclaimed as the ripples of pleasure massaged his colon. His knees nearly buckled with the sensation. I was so horny. Wet, hard nippled and definitely ready to be fucked and we hadn’t even started yet. How is that I get so turned on at the prospect of fucking my man up the ass?

That cock was now begging to be wanked as I took it firmly in my hand again and started to pull the foreskin back and forth with slow deliberate strokes. Alex now has his eyes closed and his head resting on the bed, almost unconscious with ecstasy. He was now continually releasing audible appreciation. I switched off the plug for a moment to intensify the sensation when it was turned on again. It worked! It’s best to pulse the plug, giving a contrast between the plug simply filling him and it massaging his insides.

As I sat beside him pulsing the remote and wanking his erect cock I was the closest I have ever been to coming without actually touching myself or through penetration. So turned on just watching him get so much enjoyment out of this toy. Every time I think about buying a strap-on to fuck him it makes me wet, this time it was twenty times more arousing for me to watch him.

His cock was now so hard that the skin was shiny on the tip. Alex raised himself off the bed and turned to kneel in front of me, I kept my hand on the base of the plug as it tried to jump free. I took his hard phallus in my mouth and began to swirl my tongue around the tip, then slowly I descended on him taking him as far as I could. I could taste his saltiness now at the back of my throat. Alex began to fuck my mouth and I pursed my lips around his frenulum.

“I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you with this inside me”, he proclaimed. The only problem was, if I moved my hand away the plug almost shot out, the widest part of the vibe is not wide enough to remain jammed inside his anus. Shame I would have loved for him to have left it inside whilst he fucked me and I played with the remote. Perhaps a larger one! πŸ˜‰

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