Uncensored – The Most Explicit Music Video Ever

By | October 29, 2008

Duran Duran’s “Girls On Film” was never like this. In the early eighties you would have seen Mary Whitehouse of the UK’s viewers and listeners association screeching her condemnation of the video above. In all honesty it’s not exactly subtle, a pleasure to watch, but not subtle.

It did make me rather nostalgic for real 35mm film cameras though. I’ve got one packed away in my old camera bag. It’s a Yashica FXD, a little worn but filled with memories.

Film’s different from digital photography. It’s less immediate, but more personal. I take thousands of images with my digital cameras, and discard many of them, because they cost virtually nothing to produce. With film there’s the cost of processing and printing to consider. So even though I used to process and print most of my own photographs my shots were perhaps more considered.

The camera theme got me inspired to write a story. More of which coming up :o)