Heels, Hot Tubs And A Bit Of Swinging?

By | October 30, 2008

For the first time in ages we all had a chance for a quick chat today at work. The boss was away and you know the rest… Horny doesn’t tend to open up much about her private life past or present but today she wanted to take us in to her confidence and talk about her abusive marriage.

I knew she had been married although she never really talks about him or the relationship. Today was different we were all chatting about previous boyfriends and situations. She divulged that he had been cheating on her with another woman and found out because the other woman’s husband called her.

They both decided to meet up and catch the pair of them together. This culminated in them going to a nightclub and discovering them in a booth together. Now horny isn’t a violent woman, in fact she it totally the opposite but apparently she punched the woman and was escorted off the premises.

Busty and I were quite astonished when we heard the story but as if telepathically joined we both started to applaud her for her forthright action. Then we all giggled.

Horny then admitted despite his obvious weakness for other women they did have a good relationship. She started to tell us that they once went to a hot tub party. She wore a skimpy red bikini and black stilettos to walk down the garden path.

We were intrigued as the tale unfurled and I was waiting for the naughty detail.

“Hot tub eh…” I remarked. “Tell me more”.
“I’ve got the pictures somewhere I’ll have to bring them to work”, she offered.
“Do you have the DVD too”, I added with a giggle

Everyone fell about laughing. Then the telephone rang and the story was cut short. That bloody phone rings every time we start to talk about anything a bit spicy.

So tomorrow I will be attempting to restart that conversation and find out what happened. I’m starting to think that Horny is a bit of a dark horse. 😉