Dirty & Sleazy

By | October 31, 2008

You know I just couldn’t be arsed today, I have no incentive to work myself in to the ground with very little appreciation either verbally or monetarily from my boss. I think I may go on a go slow, I’ve spent too many weeks lately panicking over deadlines and Productivity.

Of late everything seems to be work and no play. Well, things are going to change…at least that is my current state of mind. Lol

To this end I didn’t do much today and tried to talk my way through most of the time with Busty and Horny. Although I didn’t get to find out exactly what happened in that Jacuzi party Horny and her ex went to.

They were discussing where they want to go for their holidays whilst I wondered if we may be able to take a few days away, if our budget allows it. Then I got distracted momentarily as Busty flung off her shawl thing that she has been draped in for days. And what a site she was. Picture the most figure hugging long sleeved, purple t-shirt stretched (and I mean stretched!) over her ample DD boobs.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her and thankful she was otherwise engaged in rearranging her shawl…

Where was I? Yes, talking about holidays. I mentioned that I would love to visit Amsterdam for its wide ranging culture. Both girls smiled and said simultaneously “I bet you would”, giggling. “No, I really would, you can see everything from the finest art courtesy of Rembrandt to a live sex show”.

“It’s not my kind of place”, added Busty. “I think it looks dirty and sleazy, not the destination I would choose”. At this point I became quite indignant but kept a cap on it. I wanted to say that not everyone has the chance to holiday in a four star hotel in Mexico. Which is I believe where she is headed with her vain bf next year.

Not that I don’t like her, far from it but sometimes people can be slightly…puffed up and indignant.

Anyway, what’s wrong with sleazy and dirty. Sounds like fun to me. 😉