Busty And Horny And Loving Your Bum

By | November 1, 2008

Things Which Make You Go Mmm!

It has been quite a crap week at work, so I still feel overworked and under paid. There have been some gems which have helped me survive to the weekend and one of them was the image above. Sometimes things just happen that raise your spirits without any warning.

I’m driving in to work and spot the lorry above, it brought a smile to my face and I just had to capture the image on my mobile so you could share it. The advertisement is for a well know brand of toilet tissue and the advert is very effective.

As I drove behind it I could see other people in cars reacting to it and smiling. It’s certainly the little things…

The other amusing moment happened just today. It’s coming up to Armistice Day and I was wearing my poppy on my cardigan. Yes, it’s cold enough to require a woolly at the moment, we have had a cold snap and there have been freak hailstorms in the south of the country.

I responded to the phone and was in conversation with a client when I felt sharp pains in the left side of my chest. Despite the sharp, jabbing pain I continued to converse with the person on the other end but I must admit I started to panic. Sure that I was in the early stages of a heart attack and trying not to panic.

As the conversation terminated and I put the receiver down on the cradle I realised just where the pains were coming from. The bloody pin holding the poppy on to my cardigan had stuck in to me when I pressed the receiver against my ear.

Relieved, I shared the moment with my colleagues and they rolled about with laughter. Some sympathy eh! 🙂