The Larges Balls I Have Ever Seen

By | November 2, 2008

After we settled little nephew to bed we opened a bottle of red and settled down to write some posts for the site and in between we had a quickie to keep up our strength. 😉

When we finally settled in to bed for the last time it was around 11pm and Alex checked the television listing to see if there was anything worth watching. If not we resort to catching up on some good old porn.

Last night he spotted a gem of a program on More 4, entitled The Perfect Penis so we decided to watch. It was a very interesting program which followed various males with different cock problems from here in the UK and across the pond.

The program started out from the medically necessary angle, the person they were about to operate on was neither male or female, possessing both a cock and labia majora. This person didn’t have testicles or ovaries. It was decided that they should become a male (they were genetically male) and it took you through the operation to extend the small phallus, I won’t go in to the detail but it was amazing.

There was another case where a guy wasn’t satisfied with either the length or girth of his and was going to undergo a lengthening process first, which involved a system of pulleys strapped to his thighs. It would have been funny had it not been true. The second operation would improve his girth, in total the procedures were going to cost him $11,000.

All of this I could understand but the final subject was obviously very, very sick. He had over the course of time injected his cock and balls so they hung down like a giant pumpkin. His genitals looked hideous, with a circumference of 2ft.

The guy even admitted that he couldn’t go to the toilet without his balls sitting in the water. He must have been suffering from body dysmorphia. But the thing is, who allowed him to do this to his body? This man clearly needed some form of psychiatric help not a quack prepared to turn him in to a freak.

I tried to find the guy I think he was called Mister Mark but he seems to have disappeared without a trace. When I checked out the programme it was an old documentary dating back to 2006 so he may have disappeared in to the shadows, or even worse suffered ill health due to his psychological issues and the treatment which he subjected himself to.

You do have to ask yourself what will some surgeons do to earn their money, quite obviously anything. So if you have any doubts about your size please speak to someone before doing anything drastic, another opinion could help.