I Bet You Wish I Was Sucking Your Cock

By | November 2, 2008

I have wanted to watch a Ninn Worx DVD for ages but for some reason we never got around to getting one from our local adult store. But this weekend past we decided to take the plunge and bring home Innocence Perfect Pink featuring Paola Rey.

I’m not sure where I got the idea from but I thought that Michael Ninn produced porn for all, in that he considered the female perspective. So needless to say I was quite excited at the prospect of viewing one of his films despite the fact that being a 2004 film it was one of the latest releases in the shop from his stable.

Alex placed the DVD in the drive and I slipped under the duvet eager to watch the action. The DVD started up with the usual snapshots of what was to come running and I was impressed that all the girls in the production were fanciable from both a male and female perspective. Good start. 😉

The first scene started and was obviously set in an all white studio with just a girl in a pink latex dress and a large chair. With some clever tracking shots we were able to view the girl from every angle and continued to do that as she started to finger herself. This would have been good but she was paying more attention to pouting and making the right noises and facial expressions than she was on enjoying the moment.

Still I persisted, hoping that things would change. They did but unfortunately for the worst. She then started to talk to the camera ala POV (which incidentally I hate because it takes away any erotic element and makes the whole scene seem staged) “I bet you love to watch me do this” type of thing. Now I’m finding myself more interested in the furniture she is laying on than what she is up to.

Putting that aside I continue to watch in the hope that the film still has a chance to redeem itself. Then in comes the guy and before you know it he is sitting on the chair and what seems like hour after hour of cock sucking is played out before your eyes. *yawn*

The scenes were very nicely filmed in glowy vision but that did not help the poor direction and lack of imagination. Trying desperately to find something interesting we fast forwarded to the next scene having already watched the guy come on her face as the ending the last scene.

I’m afraid it was more of the same. I’m bisexual so don’t have a problem appreciating the female form but I don’t want to be reminded that the target audience for the production is male by constantly being asked “Are you hard?”…no I’m fucking not because I’m a BIRD! Lol

We have only watched the first couple of scenes on this DVD but have already decided that the rest may not be worth watching. Shame really, with these great looking girls this could have been so much more. Unfortunately it reminded me too much of the Zero Tolerance DVD’s we set out watching years ago before we realised there were better things out there.

In the end I just ended up eyeing up the furniture like taking a trip round DFS. For our none UK readers DFS is a discount furniture store known for its range of sofas.

Can anyone recommend some good porn to me? *sigh*