Blindfolded And Fucked

By | November 2, 2008

The Allure Ultimate Leather Blindfold Review

We aren’t into the BDSM scene as such but we do enjoy a little bondage/BDSM play from time to time. Our take on it is that it can add a deeper sensory element to our sex lives that vanilla lovemaking is lacking.

Because we approach it from this vanilla angle we are only slowly accumulating the various pieces of equipment that a serious BDSM oriented couple would take for granted. That’s not such a bad thing, for two reasons. Firstly we are gaining experience slowly, finding out what we do and do not like without scaring ourselves off, LOL. Secondly the price of some BDSM kit is frightening!

Not so with Allure Ultimate Leather Blindfold, at on £16.95 you get a blindfold that will last you forever and feels like it means business. This is not one of those novelty blindfolds that you might buy for a hen party, it is made from quite thick leather. While not quite as supple as I might have liked it will I’m sure soften with use and if I had thought to manipulate it a little before Suze put it on me I think this minor problem would have disappeared.

The blindfold looks a little foreboding because of its metal studs, but it is comfortable to wear, while its solid construction makes sure you know that you’re wearing it. You do feel as if you’ve been strapped into a piece of grown-up BDSM gear. The buckled strap makes it adjustable without any girly elastic either.

The smell of the leather ads to the experience and I really enjoyed the constant aroma throughout the time I was wearing it. If you want to know exactly what we got up to you read these posts – part 1 and part 2. I’ll restrict myself to describing how I felt as Suze released her inner Domme.

As I mentioned above it was an experience just being strapped into the mask. It has a single strap so it’s easy to use, but the buckle and the fact that it is leather gives an altogether more serious feel to it than a lightly tied silk scarf which has been what we’ve used before. It may be odd to say it, but it gives the person putting the leather mask on you more authority than a scarf.

Masks are all about heightening your awareness of the sensations being applied to your body. The masks slight constriction, the smell of the leather and the act of making you temporarily blind all in themselves make your mind work and begin your journey into a world of alternate sensory stimulation.

As Suze toyed with me, scratching, stroking flogging and at one point cooling my balls with an ice pack my mind was focussed entirely on her actions. Being trussed up with bondage rope helped too! Being unable to move meant that I was totally in her hands and each stimulation was her choice, very exciting.

When she had played with me for maybe 20 minutes I was more than ready to fuck and the blindfold came off. Maybe it would have been better to leave it on and feel my way, after all I know my way around Suze pretty well. Maybe next time …

If you want to experience real BDSM toys then as always this one from the premier Allure brand hits the spot.