Satanic Sluts

By | November 4, 2008

You may not agree with me here but when the news that Andrew Sachs hit the headlines for being the poor innocent victim of a answerphone message by Jonathon Ross and Russell Brand I was a taken aback by their lack of consideration and respect and possible slurring of the Sachs family.

However as time has gone by and I have read and researched the whole affair it appears to be more than a prank call causing distress. Georgina Baillie who is the centre of the conversation which took place during the Russell Brand radio show has now emerged as a burlesque performer, perhaps wannabe pornstar and performer in a stage show called Satanic Sluts.

Not quite whiter than white. And as most of the perceived harmful conversation centred around her and the fact that Russell fucked her being such a shock, I’m beginning to wonder if Mr Sachs was aware of the fact that his granddaughter is an apparent pornstar and appears to be a bit of a media tart.

I’m sure Andrew is intelligent enough to realise that his granddaughter moves in adult circles and therefore would not be so hurt by the comments which were left on his answerphone, at least not to the degree that has been portrayed.

I think the whole thing has damaged the future of adult entertainment on the BBC and the possibility that any ground-breaking material may be featured in the future. I like to think of the BBC as being innovative but now we may just see shades of grey. Producers shy away from subjects they perceive to be dangerous – they are almost as easily spooked as city traders.

And in contrast, Georgina, whom we have never heard of before this story broke is now probably one of the most sought after adult entertainers. Fantastic PR Max, you now own some prime meat.

In fact if you want to support her cause you can go and check her out here I’m sure her grandfather would approve…

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