By | February 11, 2007

I know it’s a strange title for a post but it will become apparent why I have named it so.

Well, I wished for snow and we got it. Only problem is there isn’t quite enough of it to keep Alex from being able to go to work. 🙁 It’s bloody cold though and really quite grey and miserable, it’s all I can do to keep myself in the right mood to masturbate. Lol

Last night was particularly cold so we fucked within the warm confines of the bed. The Cupids Couch looked kind of neglected in the corner. Not quite the weather for out of bed on rubber screwing. Lol

In fact I don’t know why I ever fantasised about shagging in the snow. I put on my flipflops and ventured out on to the back garden around 11pm to see just how cold it was. How silly is that? It was bloody freezing and I came straight back in again. No, screwing in the snow is a lovely thought but not a fantasy I will be making come true real soon. 🙂

Instead I went back up to bed where Alex was waiting. He’s not stupid, he knew there was no way I would go through with the outdoor copulation. It wasn’t long before he was standing to attention again, it must have been the sight of my erect nipples under my nightshirt.

I was still cold from my venturing outside and turned on to my front to partake in a little doggy action. It was so cold that I pulled Alex’s pillow under me and wrapped my arms around it. Then I crouched low and hugged the pillow tight. Alex moved in towards my buttocks and I pushed my knees out to the sides allowing myself to lay flat on the pillow under me. The balls of my feet were now resting against each other and my knees were pointing outwards.

Alex moved in behind me and mirroring my legs and placing his either side of my hips with his feet together. If you can visualise this, it looks from above just like a wishbone. As he pushed his erect penis inside me I could feel the warmth of his legs as the enveloped me.

This half squatting position opened up my buttocks and gave him unhindered access to my pussy. It also gave me the ability to push upwards with each inward thrust, just like a small frog hop. As he worked his cock in and out of me I met him with a bounce, pushing him deeper inside me.

The normal on the knees doggy position does not allow this upward movement, the bounce of pleasure. Movement is restricted to pushing back against each inward thrust, not quite the same and certainly not a pleasurable. 😉 As a result of being cold and trying to keep warm but not sacrifice a fuck has led me to find a new position.

Has anyone studied the Karma Sutra? Is this one in there or is it a totally new position? Either way I have to give it a 9 out of 10 for ease of entry and a very enjoyable, cervix-punching screw.