Dogging At Lunchtime

By | November 5, 2008

AlexSuzeMy sandwich shop was closed today for a bereavement, which left me driving round trying to find somewhere else to buy my lunch. I decided to drive the opposite way out of the bottom of the road and see what was there.

I have never needed to go this way before, I pass the greasy spoon I normally frequent on my way to work so this was going to be a bit of an adventure and may result in me not getting anything to eat.

Following the road round I must have driven about a mile and I spotted a sandwich shop on the corner. I flicked on my indicator and turned up the road running down the side of the shop, turned the car at the top of the hill and parked facing the right way against the kerb.

The choice wasn’t quite as extensive as my usual haunt but the guy behind the counter was pleasant enough and the place looked clean. I placed my order, one tuna mayo salad on a breadcake. Within minutes he was placing the little white paper bag in my hand and I was off to the car.

I usually eat my sandwich and then read one of the many books we have been given to review. Turning on the radio I settle back in my seat and start to eat. A blue estate car turned up the road, drove past me and parked about 30ft behind me. I couldn’t make out the occupant and I continued to eat lunch whilst listening to Radio 1.

Sandwich finished I screwed up the bag and placed it in the sidepocket on the door ready to throw in the bin when I got back to work. The car which had been parked behind mine drove past me and I assumed they had finished lunch too.

But instead of turning out on to the main road it pulled up in front of my car, about 20ft ahead. I thought it was strange as they had obviously been parked up once before, why should they need to move. Perhaps they were going back to the sandwich shop.

Nobody left the car. The brake lights flashed a couple of times and still nobody emerged from the vehicle. Trying to remain nonchalant I withdrew my book from the centre console and raised it in front of me ensuring I was able to look over the top periodically to check out the car.

As I turned the page the interior light came on in the car and then off again. This happened about 3 times buy which time I was getting a little bit freaked. I’m not sure if they were trying to attract my attention or if I was being paranoid but I wasn’t going to wait around to find out.

I placed the book back in the console and started my engine. As I drove past the car I averted my gaze to avoid attracting attention. As I pulled away on to the main road I checked my rear view mirror and sighed in relief as I realised I wasn’t being followed.

I’m back to my normal eatery tomorrow and I don’t think I will be venturing that way again. Lol