Straight to the Fuck

By | November 6, 2008

Here’s a question about erotic fiction.

Do you want to read perfect prose or a story that gets straight to the point, cuts to the money shot and arouses the passion within you?

Of course the two aren’t mutually exclusive, indeed good use of language can add to the erotic experience. But When you just want a porno hit – some masturbation fiction – does it get in the way.

Personally I enjoy a bit of description and the build up to the climax. However sometimes the words scan get in the way of the sex and that is a bit of a pity if that’s what you’re after.

It’s a pity word processors don’t have “cut to the chase” function that would provide a condensed version of the erotica you write. Then we could post two versions. The one with the background story and the added atmosphere for when you have the time to indulge yourself – the short version for that emergency wank.

“Flash fiction” isn’t easy to write though. Some people seem to think that page after page of verbiage means you’ve written a good story, but that simply isn’t the case. Engaging yourself in a competition to use as many big words as you can does not make for good erotic fiction or pornography. A good wordsmith will know when to get their English Lit’ head on and when to write punchy monosyllabic sentences that get the blood pumping. Keeping the word count low and the blood pressure high is a skill and thrill in itself.

If I’m “In The Zone” I find that the words come almost unbidden and flow out onto the page with little effort. Often only needing a quick review by me and a proofreading by Suze before posting. Those posts are some of the ones that I have believed to be my most effective.