Ex-Girlfriend Pictures

By | November 6, 2008

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Back to business.

Imagine the scenario.

You’ve known each other for a while and one of you suggests that you take a few naughty pictures of each other. Or maybe even a naughty video.

Full of wicked thoughts you go ahead. After all video cameras are cheap and digital photography means that you don’t have to get the pictures developed at a lab. You both feel horny and naughty and want to get it on. So you spend all night or maybe several nights taking the most revealing and intimate shots of each other imaginable.

The problem comes of course if the relationship goes sour. What do you do with the product of your erotic-artistic endeavours?

The sensible answer is that you get rid of them. You delete the files from your hard drive, erase the digital video tapes, smash the DVDs. Even if you think you’ve done all that to protect your respective privacy, whose to say your respective partner hasn’t made copies?

The Internet is littered with sites claiming to contain “Ex-Girlfriend” pictures. The fact is of course that most of these are simply professional porn sites dressed up in different clothes. But there’s obviously a market for it as there is for every fetish.

For ex-partners there are two problems. The first is that your one time lover is using the images of you together to masturbate with. For most people that would be a bit of a problem, though I can see how you might draw satisfaction out of the thought that they still needed you, wanted you and found you sexually arousing.

The second problem is what happens if they decide to go public with them. While utterly illegal that’s hardly going to stop a scorned ex posting the video to YouTube or filling Flickr with images of your naked flesh. It’s a far cry from the days when a brown envelope might land on your employer’s, parent’s or new lover’s doorstep containing the Polaroids …

Now imagine what would happen if Suze and I ever split up. Hmmm. I’d better be extra special nice to her … come to think of it she better be very, very nice to me LOL.

I mean she’s always got her sex toys to keep me company and doesn’t need me :o(