Vibrating Butt Plug With Wireless Remote

By | February 12, 2007

Vibrating Butt Plug With Wireless Remote.

To any man who hasn’t tried anal play I would say, try it. I’ve never tried it on my own, only with Suze, and this does add to the excitement for both participants. Maybe it’s because it’s traditionally been a taboo subject, but the whole thought of it is a turn-on for me. When I’m in the right frame of mind.

We started with Suze probing me with a well lubed finger, then on to a small vibe. We have a jelly butt plug too. All of these have their advantages and disadvantages, but the latest toy from our supplier has to be the best.

The vibrating butt plug combines the vibro-stimulation of the small vibrator, with the larger diameter of a butt plug and a “neck” to help hold it in. The bonus of remote means there’s a fun element to its use that adds to the relaxation, a vital part of anal play.

I was initially a little disappointed at the size of the plug. It’s diameter is only a little greater that the small vibe Suze occasionally uses on me. But the vibration more than makes up for that.

As I felt her slide the tip of the toy into my anus (vibe off at this point) I was already becoming aroused. It’s really exciting to try out a new toy and when I’m in the right mood for anal play the thought of her sliding something inside has me grinning from ear to ear.

Because of its smaller size the plug on its own would be useful for someone wanting to experiment with anal penetration for the first time. The sensation of its soft surface probing me gives me a thrill. Because of the plug’s modest size it slid in with little fuss, yet I could feel it inside me. For those of you who haven’t tried anal toys of this sort it’s at first and unusual feeling that I for one quickly became used to. It puts a lump in my throat, as well as somewhere else. 🙂

Anyway, back to the testing. When Suze had slid the plug fully inside me I felt rather content in a sexually expectant sort of way. When I’m in this position she moves her fingers gently over the taught skin of my buttocks. I find this a most sensual experience as her nails trace pathways from my lower back, across my butt and delve into my inner thighs and scrotum.

Suze then tried experimenting with the remote. The initial burst of the vibe was wonderful, it sent vibrations across my perineum and into my taught balls and scrotum. After a few seconds though you seem to become desensitised to the stimulation. It’s still pleasant, but not as intense. Suze found that turning the device on and off had the best effect.

It’s not the most powerful vibe either, which I was a little disappointed about at first. Because of its smaller size and lower power than other models I did not get the intense prostate stimulation I was expecting.

However, as I said at the very beginning, I have to be in the right mood for anal play. Sometimes I don’t fancy it at all, sometimes I prefer gentle to full-on and this was one of those times so the toy and the mood coincided and made for an extremely pleasurable experience for both of us.

The interaction between us as Suze controlled the insertion and vibration of the plug was new and very satisfying for both of us. My only real disappointment was that the plug would not stay in as I moved position. I have a tight anal sphincter, but even so I was not able to fuck Suze with the plug in place. It just popped out.

So in summary:


A great anal toy for beginners soft and not too big, easy to insert

The extra benefit of vibration for little more than you’d pay for a standard, non-vibe plug.

Remote control! Oh the fun you’ll have with this, as will your play partner.


Unless you’ve got a sphincter of spring steel this toy will not stay in place as you move around. So stay were you are and let your partner tease you as Suze did to me.

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