Exotic Erotic

By | November 7, 2008

As a child I always gravitated towards the unusual this included puppies and kittens but I could also see the attraction of the lizards, spiders and snakes. Much to the disdain of my fellow classmates.

My first pet was a mongrel dog which we bought on impulse whilst out on a shopping trip in town one day. He lived with us for about 14 years and was totally devoted to my mother. He was never my dog but protected me with outstanding bravery. Any boyfriend could not get near me, he was such a protector the moment they wrapped their arms around me he would growl. Lol

So he was the family dog but I wanted my own pet. One day I visited town and the little hamsters all snuggled up in their little cages appealed to me. I was determined to take one home but needed an excuse so that I could keep it. After paying for Hammy at the counter they passed me the little white cardboard box and off I went for the bus.

On my way home I cooked up a story about having found him on the bus. Three years he stayed with me. To this day I never owned up to my parents that I bought him. If you are reading this mum and dad sorry! OMG, I do hope they aren’t reading this site. ;0

Over my teenage years I had raised a blackbird who fell from its nest, a hedgehog who was under the weather and kept goldfish, red necked turtles, budgies, chameleons, stick insects, numerous animals throughout my adolescence.

But when I finally moved in with Alex I got the chance to share my love of the exotic with him. 😉 I can hear the cogs going round in your naughty little heads. Lol

We bought a snake, and this is him.

Isn’t he gorgeous. He has been living with us almost as long as we’ve been together and still going strong. Friends who visit usually make the standard jokes about my night time job and once they have touched him and discovered that he isn’t slimy usually warm to him.

I thought I would take a look around cyberspace and see if I could find anyone else with similar interests and found the lovely lady at the top of this post. The Snake Babe can come over and show me her python any day. 😉

Any fellow herpetologists out there?