Improving Sexual Wellbeing: How Sex Toys Can Help Men

By | January 9, 2017

On TopBy Aleena M Reyes

A lot of times when people this of adult toys they think of stereotypical dildos, bondage whips, FleshLights, and a really lonely person trying to get off. While these ideas do come from somewhere, the idea of adult toys are rarely thought to be a way to increase sexual health and sexual well-being. While adult toys are a fun and kinky pass time, they can also be a way for someone to explore their own body in a healthy way and experiment with your partner in a relationship. There is no shame in trying new and exciting this with a loved one or trying to help yourself. Toys can be a bonding experience either with yourself or with your sexual partner.

Types of Sex Toys and How They Can Help

Using adult toys solo is usually what comes to mind for most people. The stigma of shame behind it can be big but it certainly does not have to be. With the wide variety of adult toys sold in online shops, it is very easy to find something to help you explore your body. For both men and women there are a variety of different toys that each serve different functions.  Websites like separates each type of toy in different sub categories. They have shaped masturbators, Flesh Lights, Penis Enhancements, Prostate Massagers, Sex Dolls, Cock Rings, and Tenga Cups. While you certainly can experience these products with a lover, they are each uniquely designed help someone whether or not another person is around to help out! Each different item has a new and exciting way to get the juices flowing. Most can even help make you a better lover! Different types of Flesh Lights and other masturbators can work as stamina trainers. These help exercise Kegel muscles in men and promote stamina as well as healthier and harder erections without using a harmful cream or pill. Make it fun by having your partner help you with the strokes and create an intimate sensation with your training. If stamina isn’t your concern and size is then trying different penis enhancements will certainly help. A variety of pumps can be found to help you achieve bigger and stronger erections. Extenders and sleeves also help give you an extra few inches without worrying about pumping your penis.

Prostate massagers can help you experiment with anal play in a safe and comfortable environment. A man’s gspot is his prostate! Don’t be afraid to experience ultimate pleasure for yourself. You can enjoy these yourself or you can talk to your partner about it. Anal sex can seem daunting but small anal massagers can help a couple reach maximum levels of pleasure when they are both using one during regular sex.

Toys like Sex Dolls are an excellent and healthy way for you to experience a fetish that has crossed your mind! They have everything ranging from Anime style Japanese dolls, to old men, to animals, to all types of women.  You can dress them up however you like and help yourself to an amazing time.

Tenga Cups and Eggs are an incredibly versatile product that will help you achieve whatever it is you’re going for. Their designs are inconspicuous and can be easily overlooked, giving you your privacy. They are small and compact masturbators and a lot give that lovely sucking sensation of oral pleasure as well as increases stimulation for you.

Last but certainly not least are lovely little Cock Rings. Cock Rings come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and each have their own unique purpose. Most Cock Ring are best enjoyed with a partner but adult toys are only limited to your own creativity with them. Cock Rings are used by sliding the silicone ring to the base of the penis and using it to create longer lasting and more intense feelings while playing alone or with others. Some even vibrate and have different head shapes on them to give you and your partner the ultimate experience. Learning more about a product can help people become less afraid of trying new experiences. Sex should be enjoyed and celebrated. What better way to do that than to have a thigh quaking experience that a toy can offer you? Toys will help you learn and enhance your own body while connecting deeply with the person you decide to make love with. Buying and ordering these toys is especially easy now through inconspicuous online vendors, fast shipping, and disguised boxes at your door. Websites like prides themselves on being fast and discreet. Hopefully you can being intense joy and pleasure to yourself and someone else soon!


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