Creating An Engaging Sex Dating Profile

By | March 1, 2017

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We often talk about how easy it is to find people looking for sex on the internet, and that’s because it is true. Adult dating sites are so easy to join and messaging members who are there to have sex isn’t the most complicated thing in the world neither. The one thing people do get stuck on often is their actual dating profile, and that makes sense. Most of us aren’t so good at promoting ourselves, so how do you go about advertising you need for sex on an adult dating site?

1 – Your profile picture. This picture must show you under a good light but you should use something which is representative so that people are not disappointed once they come face-to-face with you. Here’s a tip: maybe use a uniform of sorts, the ladies always love it when a man dresses up. It already shows you can be good fun before even reading your profile.

2 – Make it readable. You need to make sure everyone can read you profile easily. You don’t need complicated sentences but you still want to make sure it looks like you’ve put some effort into it. Avoid spelling mistakes and make sure you sentences are correct; this will open up your profile to a wider audience.

3 – Nothing too long. Sex dating doesn’t require much other than you saying you’re up for it, and maybe talking about the things you want to do. No need for a whole chapter about your life and your career ambitions. Keep it short and to the point, it’s only sex and people just want to know you’re a good time waiting to happen.

4 – Manage expectations. If you announce yourself as a sex god then most likely nobody will believe you. However those people who will are only going to be set up for disappointment if you’re lying. Your best bet is to announce the colour as it really is. Just say you can offer people a good time, and you hope to share those good times with someone else.

5 – Avoid swear words. Unlike porn, people in the real world do not enjoy when you disrespect them. Stay polite, use words people can understand but there is no need to swear. Just keep it to a friendly level and try rising the temperature by saying that you want to give and have enjoyable sex, it is really that simple.

6 – Don’t lie. Whatever you have in your dating profile will be used as a reference. People will soon find out if your actions don’t match with how you described yourself, and they will drop you instantly the minute the find out you’re full of it.

7 – A considerate profile. Once you’ve written about what you want, drop a line at the end along the lines of: “I am looking forwards to hearing any of your suggestions and the things you want to do”. This will show consideration on your behalf and it is also engaging people to get back to you.

8 – Practice makes perfect. Naturally you might not get it right the first time, and you will need to practice before you’re fluent at creating a good, attractive and engaging dating profile. In the meanwhile feel free to browse the internet and take a look at other people’s dating profiles, you might find some inspiration. Some sex dating sites are friendlier than others, so try this site (for sex tonight), and try other sites too. The more you practice your skills the better you will get at it.

There are most likely other things you will want to consider when creating your dating profile, but following those simple steps will make people want to read it and engage with you. Just take a bit of time over it, it’s all worth it in the end!

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