Preparing For A Hook-Up

By | April 12, 2017

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Preparing for a hook-up

There is a lot of sex dating going around at the moment, especially when you take a look at the internet and all the adult dating sites that exist. More and more show up every day, and there is a simple reason for that: a lot more people just want to have sex, they are not looking for serious relationships as much as they did in the past. We can blame the countless divorces, but it is also the fact that people live different lifestyles that do not always allow then the luxury of having a fixed partner. It is easier to find a one-night-stand, it is just less work and less commitment. But as easy as it might be, you shouldn’t just jump on the first person you can find; there are in fact a few preparations that need attending to.

Taking your time

Dating is an emotional process, even when you’re just looking for sex. Sure you’re not feeling the love but lust can be a powerful thing. When you’re having a dirty chat online with that naughty person on your favourite meet and fuck site, you’re often feeling so horny that your judgement tends to go out of the window. Getting naked and showing your private parts might feel like the thing to do but you need to remember that you don’t actually know that person too well. So even with sex dating, you should take the time to talk first before you decide to get frisky with the whisky; it might just save from potentially embarrassing situations as well as avoiding a few scammers.

Organize yourself

Once you’ve chatted for a few days and you know that person is for real, then maybe you can start talking about arranging a quick fun sex meet. It does imply that you will have already talked about the sort of things both of you would enjoy doing. Beyond that, you will have also talked about what you don’t like; establishing a few no-go zones. This might sound a bit too methodical but nothing bad ever comes from taking your time and using common sense; you just make better decisions for it. It is then a good idea to arrange a meeting point, as well as somewhere to go where you can actually have sex.

Where to go

Meeting in a public but discreet café or bar will work just fine, that way you can finally sit down together face-to-face. The place you are going to have sex is a different matter. You might be tempted to take that person home with you, but the truth is that you don’t know them too well for that yet. Furthermore, you home isn’t a neutral place for you partner to be; you need to find grounds where both of you feel equally in control of the situation. This is why a shared hotel room works the best on many different levels. Not only can either of you walk away from the situation easier, but it is more discreet than bringing your naughty sex life at your own doorstep. Ideally you can split the cost of the hotel room 50/50. Yes it is the gentleman thing to do to pay for it; but the person paying might feel like they are more entitled because they paid for the room. If you both pay then the two of you on an equal foot, and it is much better when it comes to managing expectations.

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