Is phone sex still a thing?

By | May 19, 2017
Phone Sex

Phone Sex

Life was different back in the days when we didn’t have the internet, and getting your rocks off wasn’t as simple and cheap as going online and browsing sex dating sites. If you wanted to have a naughty chat, one of the main way you could achieve this was by calling premium phone lines and have what people referred to as a booty call. Some lady (or man) would talk dirty to you and you would find yourself with your phone in one hand and… something else in the other. Okay enough of the graphic descriptions, what we’re getting to here is as follow: do people still use phone sex or is it a thing of the past?

Hearing vs seeing

The thing that phone sex has definitely going for it is the audio game. It might sound strange to some, but there are many of us who can get their kicks from just listening to someone who is talking dirty. There is something really exciting about naughty words coming out of a stranger’s mouth; and even more when it is somebody we know. You didn’t always need to use premium sex lines, sometimes you could have phone fun with that special friend. Kinda like a fuck buddy, but on the phone. In fact it wasn’t all about hearing, but you also got to practice talking dirty, which turned up to be useful later down the line when trying to chat up strangers. Basically, sex isn’t all about the visuals, and sound can definitely have a huge role in making us feeling horny. This is why porn is so much better with the audio, might it be to hear the orgasmic breathing of the sloppy sex sounds; we all love it!

The webcam takeover

Fast forwards to today and things have indeed changed. A lot more of us now have computers and we walk around with phones that have webcams and microphones. Not only can we make naughty calls but we also get the visuals to go with it. The fact is that sex dating makes it even easier; there is no more need to pay for an expensive premium phone service. Instead the cost of a subscription to a dating service is minuscule compared to those crazy phone bills we used to get in the past. The other thing is that you can now hook-up with people who live in your area, and it is so much easier to go on a site like Local Bangs for your local booty call. That way you can talk dirty to each other and you can also meetup further down the line without having to travel across the other side of the country!

Is webcam sex safer than phone sex?

Webcam sex adds that extra visual dimension, and whilst this is a good thing to get excited about, it does remove some of the anonymity out of the process. When you were talking on the phone, you could make up that you where something else, and it didn’t matter so much as long as the other person got excited. Now that people can see your face, there is no hiding or lying about your looks, and it also means people could recognise you in the streets later on; especially if you’re having webcam chats with local people. So we can always split this in two: those who want more anonymity and want to use their imagination might still prefer using phone sex, whilst people who just want to watch can use webcams. Phone sex isn’t dead yet, and it will stay alive as long as people enjoy the naughty sounds of sex!

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