White House Fantasies Of The Sexual Kind

By | November 10, 2008

Barrack ObamaBusty was in a bit of a quandary today as to what to do about her waster boyfriend. He treats her like shit and only cares about himself. He spends money like it is going out of fashion on himself, football, clothing (expensive) or should I say coture and when she asks him to contribute towards the costs of running her home he says he doesn’t have the disposable cash.

Well, I have just one thing to say to you…SELF CENTRED BASTARD, FUCK OFF!

I’m getting quite fed up of trying to make her see sense and that she doesn’t need this guy, he is taking her for a ride. She is a great looking girl with all the right attributes…blonde…petite…busty. Who could ask for more! And yet he treats her the way he does.

I told her in no uncertain terms that she really doesn’t need that kind of company and she could do so much better. How is that the nice girls always have advantage took of them. Maybe she like bastards underneath it all and doesn’t realise.

She should convert to lesbianism…I would look after her. 😉

Horny agreed that this guy isn’t worth it too but I think tries to keep out of offering her advice because she knows come Monday she will be back with him again. Perhaps I should do the same, I just can’t bear to see him screwing her up like he does. She is lonely and vulnerable, she won’t admit it but she is. She is scared of being on her own.

I suggested that both her and Horny should find a speed dating night and go along. I’m sure that they would both meet someone they could at least share some time with. At which point Horny revealed her desires for the president-elect of the United States. “Isn’t he a handsome man?”, she exclaimed.

All I can say is watch out Michelle! 😉