Looks vs Technique

By | June 7, 2017

In this article we are approaching a subject that many people think about when talking about sex: how does technique trump looks, and what is the importance of those two aspects in making a good sexual encounter. This is because even though sex is part of our animal instinct, we all develop certain standards with regards to how people look like and it can really affect how we get sexually excited. Some people aren’t so picky as long as they can have a good time, whilst other simply won’t be able to feel arousal because of how a person looks like. Are people too picky? Is society and the media dictating us what we should find attractive? Why can’t people simply have sex and enjoy it for what it is?

We are all conditioned

Yes you’ve heard that right, we all get our brains washed towards thinking in a certain way. It isn’t something as simple as just the media controlling our thoughts. Throughout our lives, the people we have around us will determine whether we like thin bodies, big breasts, larger bodies and all those criteria. It starts with our mums as we are just a child, and goes through all the figures we encounter which serve as a representation of the specific gender(s) that we like. We idealise people, it is part of how our brains work. That is of course before the media gets into our heads and hammers whatever messages they can to help them sell us stuff. Seeing so many skinny / chisel-chinned models gives us a distorted idea about beauty; which only ends up with us demonising and vilifying anyone who doesn’t fit into this category.

Are you missing out?

A lot of people are brought up to have ‘standards’, and it is not necessarily a wrong thing. But you got to ask yourself this simple question: do you high standards get in your way? Not going out with this person because their facial symmetry isn’t perfect; or because they just show a bit of skin on top of their ribs; are you really doing yourself any favours? It kinda seems to be the opposite; you’re really limiting your chances and you are without a doubt missing out on some good times. If you let go a bit, there are plenty of people you can meet for fun on naughty dating sites like www.mysexhookups.com/dirty-dating. Look we’re not pointing fingers and telling you your choices are wrong; as we understand it makes for a big part of your identity. You’re not a charity and you probably shouldn’t go out with people just because you feel sorry for them; that would be unfair on them and on you. But if you are unhappy and alone because you cannot find anyone who ticks all your boxes; you might want to consider throwing away some of those boxes; loosen up, get rid of that extra baggage; it’s just holding you down.

Technique is good, very good!

Okay this is a bit of a blunt statement, and we mean no offense, but we’re going to cover a cliché that some people have experienced. The trend for this cliché is this: when a person is very good looking (to those societal / media standards); then they don’t often need to make much of an effort to get noticed. This can lead to some people not needing to do much in bed, as their partner is ‘privileged’ to be there at the first place and they have to do all the work. So basically, some people have witnessed that men / women whose looks don’t fit on the cover of Vogue Magazine might not have much sexual experience despite having have enough partners. This is a contrast to people who have to make the effort to deserve the sex that they get, and that effort translates into doing good pleasurable things to their partners. Over time, this results in having technique and experience; which are two really great assets when it comes to having a good naughty time.

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