From Secretary to Escort

By | June 30, 2017

Shay HendrixLisa was a gorgeous lady. She was a stunner because her figure was not less than a model’s figure. She started her career as a secretary of CEO. Other female staff members used to hate her because they could not make a place like hers. Lisa was an intelligent damsel. Many guys had tried to trap this beauty but it was not easy.
Dr. Johnathan Mark was the CEO of her company. Lisa was his shadow all the time. Mark really liked his secretary and he really wanted to date her but he had a family and a stupid wife. For this reason, he always held his feelings.

Mark used to visit different countries with the family. He was going to Venice and his company had scheduled the trip. However, his wife and kids were not going. Mark could see the dull and boring trip of his life. On the other hand, he was also having some troubles with his wife. Suddenly, he decided to hire an escort for trip to Venice. He started browsing through various websites. There was nothing for him. Then he saw a picture of girl. Her figure looked familiar to him but he could not guess. Mark was not using his real name for browsing and hiring an escort. He liked other pictures of this escort. Her name was Jessica.

“Good name”, Mark said to himself. “I must hire this girl for my trip.”

He ordered the services of this escort but he was reading the comments of other clients. Her rate and services were the best. Mark was feeling exciting for his trip now. He received an email one day before his flight that mentioned about her number and contact details. He called her but she did not pick the call. What kind of escort was she? This question was popping in his mind.

Jessica arranged the meeting at the airport. Mark was not impressed at all. However, he did not want to have trouble. He packed his bags and started his journey. After a few hours, he was in the plane and his adjacent seat was still empty which he had booked for his date.

“Excuse me, I think that is my seat.” Mark heard a very familiar voice. He jerked his neck and his jaws were dropped. It was Lisa.

On the other hand, Lisa had same feelings. This was not her expectation.

“Sir, is that you?”, Lisa tried to overcome her fear and shyness. “I am so sorry, sir”, he almost cried.

“Relax, Tori or Lisa”, Mark told her. “Have a seat here and you should not be worry about this”, Mark whispered. “I will not tell this to anybody.”

“I really appreciate this, sir”, Lisa replied with anxiety.

“Relax Lisa, and be open with me”, Mark told her. “I hired you for fun and you are still stuck on boring tradition”, Mark passed a gaze on her breasts while he smiled.
Lisa was feeling relaxed now. “ Sorry, sir or Mark”, Lisa smiled. “I work as an escort.”

Then she gave him the first kiss. Mark felt electric shock in his crotch and body. Lisa also felt
the desires of her body. Lisa explained about her sexual appetite and reasons of becoming an escort.

Their flight was long but they arrived at time in Venice. Lisa was feeling very horny at that time and she did not waste a single second to take Mark in the boat. They had a scheduled trip of city on a small yacht.

“We are going to have fun on the boat”, Mark smiled.

“Sure, why not?” Lisa smiled and said. “There is something that I want to tell you, Mark.”

What is that? Mark asked.

“ I was wearing nothing under my gown”, Lisa whispered and dropped her gown.

He could see her beautiful, toned and sexy figure. Her white body and curves were glowing. It was like heaven. Mark suddenly hugged her and throw her on the bed in the cabin of their yacht. Only nature could hear them in the waters of Venice. Mark and Lisa were together.

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