GLB Letching After Boys

By | November 11, 2008

John BarrowmanI was listening to the radio whilst travelling in to work this morning and heard a track which I immediately liked. Some songs just hook you right from the first hearing, whilst others take a while to win you over. This track had me right from the start.

The sound was very much like Take That, I thought they had just released another track from their latest album. Eagerly I waited for the presenter to announce exactly who it was, determined that it would be TT but it wasn’t it was the scrummy, yummy John Barrowman.

When I got home tonight I just couldn’t resist looking up the video on YouTube and have to say he has covered all bases with the video. 😉 Watch and enjoy, he is so photogenic…uhmmm, I mean’t shagable. How I wish he was hetro…