Confessions of Independent Escorts

By | July 4, 2017

Hannah Shaw Giving Head“Well, I am not going to lie”, Angelina smiled and spoke loudly. “I love this profession and my job.”

“Hell, yeah”, shouted all girls.

This was a party. All girls were there at the club. She arranged the party. Angelina had 34 girls at the party and all of them were elite independent escorts in London. These girls used to enjoy high life styles and lavish fun with their clients. They were here to honor the new member of their group. It was Camila. Camila was a teen. She was 19 when she decided to step in the field. This was her first party. Almost every guy was trying to get in the party. How could they stop themselves? Every escort of the party was beautiful. Every figure was fabulous. Every curve was sexy. Everybody was sleek. Every figure was looking well-toned and strong. These were angels. Every person was looking at the saga of glamor but these fine ladies were not giving any attention to anybody.

Angelina joined Camila while she was talking to Heaven. Heaven was a cute brunette and a savvy escort.

“How was your last night by the way?” Suzy asked.

“Well, it was one of the best, I can still feel him in my body”, said Heaven. “You know that I love a man with attitude and commanding personality and he was the right guy; he never wasted a second to use my body like his own toy.”

“Oh girl, stop and you are embarrassing our new kid”, Angelina shouted in a very low pitched voice.

“I am telling you the truth”, Heaven continued. “Camila should know this too.” Heaven was blushing because she was going to reveal her favorite types of clients now.
“You know, a man should have strong figure and hard penis”, Heaven blushed and said. “He should dominate with love and passion and he should not take me as an escort but he should take me as a woman.”

“Sometimes, I like it but clients are very different and I have to accept them and what they want”, Angelina answered.

“Definitely, it is right thing to do but we are woman and we love sex as our clients love”, Heaven explained it again. Her naked long and white legs were looking very sexy while she was taking sips of tequila.

“ I prefer a good date and then a nice session of lovemaking, and this lovemaking can become wild if he knows how to turn me on”, Heaven giggled and smiled.
“ Take this into your account, Camila!”, Suzy suggested and Camila smiled.

“Yes, I know that you are right”, Camila spoke. “ Three days ago, I was with a client and he did not know how to make love but I managed to help him out.”
“That’s my girl”, Heaven cheered. “ You are doing a very job and I can see that you are making your clients very happy.”

“Yes, I am doing it”, Camila smiled. “ Morever, I get paid for having fun and getting strong penises.”

“Oh, you like big ones or small ones”, Angelina asked with a naughty tone.

“No, I am not into size thing”, Camila blushed. “The whole concept of size is a myth and wrong because I like strong and hard tool.”
“Same here, darling’”, Heaven said rapidly.

“For me, size does matter a little but I can manage all sizes”, Anelina smiled and told them. “Guys, you should enjoy the party now and I will check next girls.”
“Well, I will stay with Camila and share some secrets, babe”, Heaven was getting now.

“Sure, you should”, Angelina waved a glass of wine towards them walked away.

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