Sex and Social Media

By | September 21, 2017

ValentinaSex and social media

Social media is the biggest invention since mobile phones, you simply can’t escape it in today’s modern life. Sure not everyone is on Facebook, but pretty much most people are. Having to ability to keep in touch with our friends whilst sharing posts has become a lifestyle adopted by many; but that is not the only thing that social media can do. It is not just about our friends, but also about connecting with strangers. The question is: should you use social media to find new bedroom partners? In a short answer: no.

New friend request.

So you go online and you see that you have a new Facebook friend request. You take a look, only to realise it is this stunning looking lady or model-like chiselled-chin male model. Most people will think: that is BS, obviously another scammer trying to get my information; and they are not wrong. How many hotties do you think really reach out to total strangers after deciding they fancy them based on their profile? In reality, people don’t do that. So first things first: keep refusing those fake friendship requests. You can see that their profile was only created a few days ago, and they’ve barely posted anything on their timeline. It’s a dud profile, made to attract people who don’t know better. Also, feel free to do a Google image search of their profile picture. What you will find is that this picture has been used in other places online. Sometimes scammers just steal other people’s Facebook profile pictures. Heck some people are so bad at it that they use pictures of celebrities. New friend? More like new scam …

Webcam naughtiness.

So you’ve decide to befriend that person anyway despite the previous advice, and it’s actually working out! That person is sending you naughty messages; they say they want to have a naughty chat with you; they can’t wait to get it on! The excitement of the situation gets to you, you accept to proceed with a webcam chat. The video and audio is turned on, and it really doesn’t take long for the person to start stripping in front of you. What do you do? You join in of course, after all it takes two to tango right? Or does it? In your excitement, you haven’t noticed that what you are seeing on your screen is a pre-recorded video. You’ve done the dirty deed and that person immediately goes offline. Wait a few minutes then you receive a nasty message: “transfer X money to X account or else we release that video of you touching yourself to your friends and family”. Yep, you got scammed; should have known better but lust got the better of you.

Inappropriate platform.

Scammers exist everywhere, and they are all over Facebook. It is so easy for them to search profiles and send friendship requests, anyone can do that. Social media is a place for friends and family; and you will want to keep your dirty laundry out of it; full stop. After all, why use the same platform for sex that you use to communicate to your loved ones? It simply isn’t very logic, there are other places online for that. You’re way better off an adult dating site like The Sex Chat Site to meet people for sex, because it is a platform dedicated to that sort of practice. Keep your friends and family away from your sex life altogether and do your sex dating discreetly with no-strings fun sites instead. The best thing is that people go there for sex, so you won’t come across as offensive for sending naughty messages to them. Sure there are still some scammers out there too, but if you take your time then you should be able to stay away from them. So to conclude, social media is absolutely the wrong platform for sex hook-ups, simply stay away from it and find your fun in the places that are appropriate for it: mainly adult dating sites and nightclubs.


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