Cumming Home With A Full Load And More

By | November 19, 2018

When you live and work together as a team it’s rare to be so busy that you don’t occasionally find a bit of time together. So even when it gets really hectic here at the AlexSuze home-office we get to have sex regularly, sometimes in the office, which is fun.

But a few weeks ago I had to go away on business for a couple of weeks, in itself quite a strange experience because being apart from someone who you’ve worked and lived with constantly from so long is weird. Technology helped of course. We’d talk on the phone and a couple of times I listened as Suze masturbated herself to orgasm using her favourite toys while I talked dirty to her. We messaged and emailed too, but no video chat. The remote locations I was in and consequent low line speeds precluded that.

For my part I didn’t masturbate. I tried, while I was talking to Suze and listening to her pleasure herself. It just didn’t seem right. While I lay there on hotel beds with my cock dribbling precum and balls tight and eager I never brought myself to orgasm. Not an orgasm denial as such simply waiting for the real thing.

As you can imagine, when I returned home I was tired but very sexually charged. Suze less so because of her solo fun. “Wow” she said when we hugged as I stepped through the door. “You’re please to see me.” My erection pressing into her stomach through my suit trousers.

A meal, a shower and a beer later Suze kissed me with soft, full lips in a way that told me I should follow her to bed.

The experience of undressing then slipping into bed with her wasn’t quite like the first time but such an unusualy long sexual sojourn meant every touch was exciting. We kissed briefly, my hands massaging her boobs, hers grabbing my ass cheeks. Each of us had a leg between the other’s, rubbing against a crotch. Suze’s wetness coated my thigh. My dribbling cock was pressed between us.

It was only a few moments before I moved down to position myself at her entrance but we both relished that first naked embrace in over two weeks.

Suze was wet, really wet in an honestly sexual way. Your body doesn’t lie when you’re that turned on. I was shivering with anticipation and desire. I slid straight in until our pubic bones pressed against each other. I gasped and stayed motionless as I stared into her wide open eyes. Suze smiled and began to squeeze my cock with her vaginal muscles. Missionary is not what you’d call the most imaginative of ways to have sex but it does mean you can savour the expression on your lover’s face, feel their breasts on your chest and enjoy their hands pulling your ass towards them as they demand every millimetre of your rock hard cock.

My hips began to move, almost involuntarily in, out, in, out. My penis slid effortless yet with the sweetest of friction inside its hot, wet host. Suze moaned, her orgasm taking only moments. Not because of any legendary sexual prowess on my part or a porn start monster cock inside her but the sheer joy of feeling a living, pulsing penis penetrating her in a way that’s unique to the real thing. The sound of her wailing moan filled my ears and signalled I could cum myself. That was lucky because my pent-up desire meant I came very quickly.

I’m guessing most guys find that if they cum quickly, without edging a little first the orgasm can be quite muted. That is holding back just on the point of orgasm makes the sensation when it does hit you all the more sweet and intense. This time I just let it go. What did happen is that because of my abstinence for such an unusually long time I just kept cumming. Not a prolonged orgasm like I sometimes experience where the waves of ecstatic sensation keep breaking over me even when my body has released all its semen but an ejaculation of such volume and length that I though I would never stop pumping the hot, white fluid down my cock into Suze.

I had stopped moving before I stopped cumming with my cock deep inside her and my growls of joy muffled by the pillow next to her ear. As I withdrew and rolled onto my side beside her I felt cold air touch my scrotum and realised my balls were covered in our juices. My still erect penis glistened in the light from the bedside lamps. I reached down between Suze’s legs. She moaned when I slid my fingers inside her cunt but I wasn’t about to go for a G spot orgasm to finish.

I just wanted to confirm …

“I think we need to change the sheets” I told her.

“You’ve been bad.” She replied. “I’m not letting you do that again, making me more laundry.”

“I’ll put a towel down next time.”

“Oh, alright then.” She smiled. She opened her legs and looked at the sticky mess coating her smooth snatch and huge wet path on the bedsheet.

“Two towels.”

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