James Blunt Buggery Shocker

By | November 13, 2008

James BluntThe one show is fast becoming a very dangerous place for TV personalities to be. Once the home of very safe, very family oriented entertainment the producers might be wondering if they’ll be answering questions in the Director General’s office tomorrow morning.

Not that James Blunt‘s faux pas was their fault, I mean, a nice bloke, public school educated and singer of lovely, lovely bitter sweat songs. He’s the last person you’d have expected to drop them in it.

And the programme segment was pretty tame too, about phobias, specifically dentists. But when he was asked about it James said:

“I don’t mind dentists … probably comes from my liking for sadomasochism … which I developed at boarding school … because of all the beatings and buggery.”

After the Russell Brand, Jonathan Ross trouble a little incident like this could lead to … well hopefully just a good laugh for viewers like us. I nearly choked on my Horlicks.


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