Jimmy and Dawn

By | December 6, 2018

Hannah Shaw Sucking CockJimmy flicked through the online catalogue, hand waving the empty air in front of him. His corneal projector displaying translucent pages onto his retinas that appeared to hover 50cm in front of his face. It was a site that he loved, and where he could read about the best male masturbator money can buy. It was a site that had been around for several decades, right when the first interactive masturbators and blowjob machines had first been created.

A voice interrupted his browsing. “Should I expect a package soon.” The soft female voice laughed.

“You might. I think I found just the thing.” Jimmy replied.

A couple of days later the package arrived. Jimmy’s wife got to it first.

“What do you have there?” Jimmy asked as she bounded into the bedroom from the front door.

“Your new toy.”

“Our new toy”, Jimmy corrected her.

“Oh, really. What exactly did you buy?” Dawn asked as he unwrapped the parcel.

Jimmy smiled and a few moments later presented her with a sleek but soft dildo on a harness.

“A strap-on?” Dawn asked.

“No. You wear it the other way.” Jimmy motioned upwards with his finger. “The harness is to keep it in place, and with you big girl pants on it should stay in without the harness. And this is mine.”

Jimmy held up a cylinder, open at one end, a soft vagina shaped orifice obviously made to accept an erect penis.

“And a blowjob sex toy for you?” Dawn asked, intrigued.

“You’re wearing yours for work today.”

Dawn’s jaw dropped. “You have a work from home day scheduled! I wondered why you did that.”

“Yep, so remember I might come calling at any time.” Jimmy slipped his finger into the orifice on his device and the dildo in Dawn’s hand pulsed a little.

“I can’t wait.” Dawn said, slipping off her dressing gown to stand naked before him. She put one foot on the end of the bed and slid the dildo into her rapidly moistening pussy. Jimmy felt himself hardening at the sight.

15 minutes later Dawn pecked him on the cheek and left him sitting naked at his desk with his semi-erect penis wondering when would be the best time to call Dawn up.

By 12:30 Dawn was wondering when Jimmy would be using their new toy. The initial excitement of slipping the dildo inside her had worn off though she felt comfortingly filled by its soft, smooth form. Sitting at her desk, halfway through a tuna sandwich her mobile rang. A video call from Jimmy.

“About time!”, she scolded him, propping the phone on the desk so they could see each other.

“The wait will have been worth it.” Jimmy said, slipping his hard cock into the sleeve. He angled his camera so she could see the tip of his cock touch the opening.

Dawn gasped at the sight and then, milliseconds later the sensation of his cock head invading her outer lips. “Wow, that’s realistic.” She managed to blurt out as the dildo changed shape and swelled, simulating her husband’s cock entering the sleeve.

Jimmy groaned too, feeling the feedback from the dildo buried in his wife’s snatch sending signals back to the sleeve to replicate every contour of her familiar passage.

“Can you feel this?” Dawn asked, squeezing the dildo with her muscular vaginal walls. She shuffled her skirt up over her waist to allow her hand access to her clitoris.

“Fuck yes.”  Jimmy managed to say in a hoarse whisper, feeling the feedback. “I’m going to fuck you now.”

“About time.” Dawn cooed.

Jimmy slid the sleeve up and down his hard rod the male masturbator’s emulation of his wife’s anatomy so perfect that when he looked at her lustful appreciative face projected in front of him he could almost believe she was their. His hips thrust upwards and she shuddered, the movement of his solid erection transferred to her via the clever little Internet of things facilitating their lusty lunchtime game.

“I’m going to cum soon darling.” Dawn warned him.

The phone on her desk rang. “Shit wait, I have to take this.” Dawn selected voice only hands free on her desk phone. “Hi, it’s Steph in HR.” began the caller. A boring discussion about overtime rates ensued.

Dawn found it harder and harder to concentrate because Jimmy’s insistent thrusting into his sleeve was keeping her at the edge of climax. She threw a “Stop it you horny bastard.” Stare at the  screen of her mobile phone. Jimmy responded by slowing down for a moment, but then drove deep into the sleeve.

Dawn managed to unsteadily explain to Stephanie that “I have a call on the other lines. Call you baaaacckk.” And drop the connection to HR before arching her back and unsuccessfully trying to stifle a shriek of ecstasy when her climax ripped through her body.

Jimmy continued to thrust a couple more times before the contraction of the sleeve caused by Dawn’s orgasm caused him to cum.

Breathlessly Dawn said “I even felt you cum inside me.”

“That good eh!”

“Yes. And I really don’t know how I’m going to explain the mess on this chair to the cleaners.

“Well, for once none of that liquid naughtiness belongs to me.”

“Even though you caused it?” Dawn asked.