Dirty, Dirty Fukker

By | November 14, 2008

Dirty Fukker UnderwearI got the chance to interview James from Dirty Fukker Underwear recently. I’ve posted the interview on A-Rouse.com.

Writing it up reminded me that I hadn’t worn my Dirty Fukker boxer briefs for a bit so I might treat Suze to them at the weekend. She likes to grab my arse while I’m wearing them. So they work 🙂

It’s been quite a varied week. Today for example I took the opportunity to pop in at one of the adult product suppliers and pick up a couple of items between clients … I just happened to be in the area and thought I’d save them the postage. Plus of course it’s nice to see where this stuff is actually made.

It’s good to be home tonight. I’m totally worn-out and ready for a rest. Which of course begs the question “Why are you posting on the blog at 21:15?”