Lying To Protect The Innocent

By | November 15, 2008

Finger Fun Phantasy KitI have written here before about the lack of care and attention when it comes to putting away toys we frequently use or are reviewing. We seldom get visitors arriving without warning and there is simply no need to be anal about leaving toys around the house.

The office quite often has then lined up as they await reviewing, it gives me time to look at them and handle them. Ultimately inspiring an unusual angle to review from or an idea which I will try out.

In fact we have become so used to seeing toys all over the house that it doesn’t even occur to us to move them. A concerted effort to sweep the house takes place if we know we have visitors. But occasionally we spot one when we thought everything had been secreted. Occupational hazard I suppose “toy blindness”. Lol

This weekend I made a slight faux par. I left out part of my Finger Fun Fantasy Kit which I reviewed the other day. The vibe and sleeve were sitting out on my bedside drawer awaiting use. Ordinarily that would have been OK but we had little nephew over on Friday night.

And guess what…yes you did…he picked up the finger vibe and asked me what it was for. Thinking on my toes I replied “It’s an ear massager”. He responded “You rub you ears with it?”. “Yes”, I replied hoping that he would believe me.

He did and said nothing else about it. Afterwards I could have kicked myself for coming up with something so ridiculous. Then I realised he is only young and at present believes most things you tell him.

And I had to protect him didn’t I…