Sex Toy MIA

By | November 16, 2008

No, I wasn’t referring to the MIA by Lelo. Although it is a lovely little vibe and if you like you can read my Lelo Mia review here.

I was actually talking about one of my latest toys which should be winging its way to me. It was despatched over a week ago and still hasn’t arrived. Which is a bit of a bugger because I was all fired up about reviewing it.

My toys usually arrive in a timely fashion and I haven’t had one go missing before. So, who do I suspect of toynapping my latest muse? The Royal Mail. They took sole responsibility for delivering it to my door and handing it over when I sign for it.

Could it be that some delivery guy has just made his wife a very happy person? Is there someone out there who has just received a sex toy from their mailman husband?

Personally I’m still holding hope out that it will be delivered to my door. I’ll let you know if it turns up. Until then I can only look at the pictures.

If it doesn’t arrive in a couple of days I’ll be running a photofit of it so you can all keep your eyes peeled. Lol