Room Service!

By | November 16, 2008

I just spent more than four hours driving to one of England’s most famous cathedral cities. Why? Well, quite honestly it was a bit by accident. We had decided to go to Scotland, Glasgow to be precise as I’m a big fan of Charles Rennie MacIntosh. However logic dictated that we head south rather than north to avoid a very cold, wet mini break.

First of all, if the cat is reading this, please make sure you look after yourself and don’t let that tart from two doors down in to eat your cat food.

There are advantages, we’re in a hotel room and that in itself is a reason to be here. Being in aa different room is like being with a different partner in a way. I suppose it’s the reason that some people enjoy sex outdoors, or sex while wearing masks. It’s the different scenario that the change of scenery brings … without being unfaithful!

So, we’re in a cathedral city, it’s in the south of England. It has a population of 45,000 and is only a few miles from Stone Henge.

So, can you guess where we are?

We’ll let you know what we get up to tomorrow.