Hotel Sex And An Injury

By | November 17, 2008

BournemouthWe arrived at our hotel after quite a long journey yesterday and quite late in the evening. So we simply ate in the hotel’s restaurant to save us having to seek out somewhere to eat in a place we have never stayed in before. And to be honest we simply couldn’t be arsed to look for somewhere.

As it turned out it was a good decision and Alex enjoyed eyeing up the young waitresses arse. The hotel was quiet and not too many people eating. When we finished our meal we returned to our room and the bottle of red, or should I say bottles of red waiting for us. 😉

The evening was relaxed and very enjoyable and we fucked on a bed like the one we had in London when we stayed over after the Erotica Show. Every time you moved it tried to roll you over to the side of the bed and if you weren’t careful it would try to eject you from the bed completely. There was nothing stopping you from rolling over the edge.

Alex had great fun trying to fuck me doggy style with him listing left and right all the time. I had to roll with him and in the end we managed to synchronise our timing. 😉 It was just like being on the ocean’s waves. Lol It does add another dimension to a good fuck and an element of risk.

After I came several times we cleaned up in the bathroom and then settled down to sleep. Well, I wish I had been able to…Alex was so tired after the drive down that he kept snoring and then the trains came past the hotel at roughly 30 minute intervals. In themselves they aren’t that loud unlike in London but the two forces conspired to keep me awake most of the night.

This morning I felt tired and like a bear with a sore head and took a while to come round. We decided to visit the coast, to be precise Bournemouth. I can’t remember when I last visited but we didn’t get off to a good start. The weather could best be described as dismal. Cold, grey and wet. Lovely.

We stopped off at Stonehenge on the way and I must say I was extremely disappointed, it was much smaller than I imagined from seeing it on the television and in pictures. And to top the lot it was very expensive to get in by comparison with other historical sites of more impressive stature. So we stood between two A roads watching the cars pass the historical monument, trying to get a very grey picture in the drizzle without either a car or another human being in shot.

That done and the box ticked we moved on to travel to Bournemouth. It was still grey when we got there and not many places were open. That’s bloody typical. And to top the lot I have somehow managed pull a tendon or something in my left foot and cannot walk on it. I’m having to hobble around with a pained look on my face.

What a fucking break! I’m hoping that I will wake up tomorrow and it will be fine but what’s the chance of that happening. I’ll keep you posted. Anyone volunteer to be my nurse? 😉