Living In Sin

By | November 19, 2008

Stone HengeWe drove back from Salisbury today. Well, when I say we I mean I drove back from Salisbury. Suze’s clutch foot is in no state for driving. She had it X-Rayed this morning because the doctor thought she might have broken a flake of bone from one of the metatarsals. Well the X-Rays showed no such damage, so it’s a sprain and needs to be gently nursed back to health.

Because of a lunch appointment we had before we came back was during rush hour traffic in the midlands, so the drive back up here took hours. Luckily the meeting was well worth it.

Finally though we arrived home to find a rather bewildered cat waiting for us on the stairs. His frame of mind wasn’t so much because he’d been upset by us going away (though he undoubtedly was) but more because he seems to live in a permanently bewildered state. You just have to love him though.

Checking his timed feeder we found that he’d been using it. Our concern was that like most cats he would take some time to get used to it, and he had. He’d not touched the food for the first 24 hours and must have eaten from the plates of food I’d left around the house, whereas yesterday and today he’d been very brave and eaten from the strange new flying saucer shaped contraption. Luckily he has dry food so the house didn’t stink of rancid cat food when we got back.

The next discovery that we made was that his girlfriend from two doors down was sleeping in the living room and as I put the kettle on for a cuppa the cheeky cow sauntered through the kitchen and stared at me as if blaming me for waking her. Dirty bitch. She and our cat have been shacked up for two days on their own. Heaven knows what they would have got up to if he hadn’t had his bits done.

Disgusting 😛