Nasty Dinner Slapper

By | November 20, 2008

We were driving home from a couple of days break in the south yesterday and listening to the Scot Mills show which I always find entertaining as I listen to him when returning home from work in the evening. Alex doesn’t have that pleasure because his radio is broken (an idea for Christmas…don’t tell him. Lol)

He was having a bit of banter with Becky and got on to the subject of dates with benefits. In particular, had she ever been out with someone purely for dinner. To which her reply was a resounding “Yes”. But about 10 years ago…which she could be forgiven for. Only, she then added that she didn’t just go out with this guy once but on a couple of occasions. Lol

At which point Scot developed the term “Dinner Slapper” and admitted that he had never done this with a girl. Although I must admit that most girls I know would have done this when they were younger. Me included. *blush*

I had knew this guy had a very deep crush on me. He was so bad that he would come to the schools perimeter fence to see me and call me up at night when my parents were out. I was quite rightly flattered by all this attention in my formative teenage years. In part I knew I was leading him on but another side of me just couldn’t form the words “I don’t fancy you” and so out of a sense of pity and also personal gain, just a little. I decided not to tell him that there was no way I was interested in a romantic or otherwise way towards him.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want to hurt him and I’m still guarded against hurting people’s emotions. But at the same time I looked upon my tolerance of him as requiring reward of sorts. Therefore when he decided that he would take me out to a rather classy restaurant I didn’t decline the offer.

I jumped at the chance to dine at this wonderful place. After all I had taken numerous calls from this guy and been very pleasant and I’m sure made him a happy bunny along the way. So was it so wrong of me to claim my reward for this tolerance?

During this time I didn’t once give him the impression that he would be reciprocated in his attentions. I was just there to listen and support him.

He treated me to a very nice Chinese restaurant dinner and I thanked him but perhaps not in the manner he expected. Lol. We remained friends after that night for a while, even when I found myself another boyfriend. That is how cool the relationship was, at least on my side. He even knew the guy and was perfectly at ease with it. Or at least it appeared to be that way. He even invited to his 18th birthday party, so I suppose he was comfortable with the situation.

Now I think back, how easy things were then. No complications spoiling everything but also no depth of feeling and security. I know which I prefer some years down the line.