Retro Porn, Again, And Again, And Again …

By | November 21, 2008

Porn in the 1970s was, until recently, regarded as a bit of a joke. And by many I suppose it still is. But to others it’s a trip down memory lane, to a time when things were a little more innocent and pornography simply wasn’t as accessible, even by those old enough to consume it.

I started thinking about this because of pubic hair. LOL. Let me explain. We were watching some Japanese porn and the hirsuteness of the performers was unusual when compared with the carefully trimmed and shaved western porn stars. It reminded me of the pubic fuzz displayed by the pornographic performers of former decades.

Now of course pornography with a retro feel is seen as quite cool. And it doesn’t have to be Japanese porn. Like all things porn is cyclic and while tastes change there is one constant, the desire to see two (or more) human beings fucking and sucking. In an environment where much of the porn available seems formulaic and dull anything out of the ordinary is bound to find an audience.

That audience could be fans of porn stars who look like John Holmes or those who crave for something a little more extreme than the majority of the industry’s output. Either way it must be a signal to the inhabitants of Chatsworth CA that producing 2,500 films each year from the same mould isn’t going to make them money forever.

Then of course there’s the problem of understanding the genre you’re shooting for. It’s all too easy to go down to the local sex emporium and pick up a few pairs of cuffs and an assortment of whips and floggers. That isn’t going to put you in the mind of the anyone in a D/s relationship and when it comes to D/s and BDSM that’s where you need to be, in the right head space. Because despite what most people outside BDSM seem to believe it’s not about the equipment you use, it’s the atmosphere and interaction. Not the props.